Nippon Television Headquarters_Tokyo
Architect_Richard Rogers Partnership
Program_75 500 m2 office, studios and public spaces_185m tower
Commenced_1996 completed_2004

project team_concept to scheme design

Richard Rogers Partnership won this competition together with Mitsubishi Real Estate Company. The new 115,000 m² headquarters building for Nippon Television is situated to the east of Shinbashi Railway Station in the South East Tokyo district of Shiodome; overlooking Tokyo Bay, it is highly visible from approaching bullet trains.

The design accommodates studios and offices on a tight site by stacking the offices above the studios with public spaces below. This arrangement determined the layout that places circulation and structure as ‘bookends’, leaving floorplates as open, flexible spaces.

The 185 m high complex includes an art gallery, shops, restaurants and public space at ground level that is integrated into a redevelopment masterplan containing buildings designed by Kevin Roche and Jean Nouvel. The steel and concrete structure features a form of climate facade for office areas, ensuring solar and comfort control.

Mitsubishi Real Estate, who had been working with NTV on the project structure for two years before the competition, completed the building. RRP’s involvement extended only to preliminary concept design; detail design and construction were executed by MREC. (RSHP text)

Developed round a table with Arup Facades, Arup Stuctures, Arup Services.
Brainstorm: what would be each expert’s formal response to a 200 m high tower in an earthquake and typhoon zone? Hence less expressed core, aero dymanic tapering form in plan and section.

Team_Ivan Harbour Richard Paul John Lowe Jenny Jones

Engineers_Arup_facade Arup engineering Arup services