88 Wood Street (Daiwa Europe House)_London
Client_Daiwa Securities
Architect_Richard Rogers Partnership
Program_ 33,073m2 office, ( 3 no. trading floors )
Commenced_1996 completed_2004

Jenny Jones_package architect

The conceptual design, developed in response to the new commercial brief exploits the many planning constraints attached to the site to produce a building that addresses the demands of the office market. On Wood Street the scale is kept down to eight storeys to address the tower of St Alban’s church. The true nature of the design, however, is revealed from London Wall, where it becomes apparent that the building is in fact comprised of three blocks, stepping up in height behind Wood Street first to 14 storeys, then to its full height of 18 storeys, with each block relating in height to its immediate context. The three blocks, each of 18 metre deep linked floor plates, and of varying length, are positioned parallel to Wood Street to acknowledge the historic street pattern, and the irregular shape of the site. The consequential number of setbacks has the additional benefit of allowing for a greater than usual number of corner offices, which are especially valuable in the London rental market, as well as unimpeded views out over the City. The stacked arrangement also allows the large 33,000 square metre building to be easily divided up into smaller, flexible tenancies as required.

In between the three blocks, ten metre deep gaps are used for the servant zones, such as stairs, lifts, and services. These are expressed as discrete architectural elements in order to maximise views and the space available for tenancies (the served zones) within the main floor plates. The double-height entry and main reception area, accessed one metre above ground level to clear the telecom exchange below, cuts through the full length of the site from Wood Street to a secondary entrance from St Olave’s churchyard gardens.

Jenny worked on this project for two and a half years and was package architect for the reception, cores, toilets and external works during the detail phase and general duties during the stage D phase (planning drawings, diagrams )

Phil Bernard, Francesco Draisci, Mike Fairbrass, Stuart Forbes, Harvinder Gabhari, Russell Gilchrist, Marco Goldschmied, Mark Hallett, Jackie Hands, Jane Hannan, Jenny Jones, Amarjit Kalsi, Roo Lam Lau, Stig Larsen, Annette Main, Beth Margolis, Sam Masters, Charles Meloy, Andrew Morris, Sophie Nguyen, Andrew Partridge, Richard Rogers, Graham Stirk, Amarjit Tamber, Andy Young

Construction Manager Laing Management Limited
Fire Consultant Warrington Fire Research Consultants
Fit-Out Contractor Kajima / Hazama Joint Venture
Landscape Architect Edward Hutchison
Lighting Consultant Lighting Design Partnership
Main Contractor Kajima / Laing Management Joint Venture
Planning Consultant Montagu Evans
Project Manager D J Williams & Associates Ltd
Quantity Surveyor Gardiner & Theobold
Services Engineer Ove Arup & Partners
Structural Engineer Ove Arup & Partners