Charter School Sports & Drama Complex_London
Client_ Department for Education
Architect_Jenny Jones for Southwark Borough Council
Program_1500 m2 Multi use games hall & 2 dance/drama studios with changing facilities
Commenced_2004 completed_ 2007

Jenny Jones_design architect conception to scheme design

Part of the Government’s Building Schools for the Future program.

The program had to provide a sports hall and two dance studios with changing facilities; linked to the school and the community.

The specific functions requirements are regulation prescribed. The access and circulation to them was the challenge/opportunity. Letting the story unfold from the very reason for the building; the circulation became part of the physical exercise and evolved to become the 'circuit'. The materiality of the circuit is homogenous red athletic safety surface allowing the circuit ribbon to seamlessly go from inside to out, up and down etc. The journey along the circuit allows framed views into the sports hall and sometimes is wide enough to become a “room”. In one area it folds up to form a “bleacher” area allowing informal viewing into the dance studio.

team_Amolak Dhanjal Hernan Fierro Christine Flack Jenny Jones Sui te Wu