Prada Epicentre_New York City
Program_2190 m2
Commenced_1999 completed 2001

Jenny Jones_architect: material research, development, assignment and detail

There are reams written about this project. It projected a unique aura whereby Prada permitted culture to interchange with merchandise; a provocative position of luxurious intellectual coolness.

The choice of materials in this project projected this intellectual playfullness.

The Epicentre concept represented the tabula rasa for contemporary roll out strategies for global luxury brands.

Team_Rem Koolhaas Ole Scheeren (Partners-in-charge)
Timothy Archambault Eric Chang Ergian Alberg Amale Andraos Chris van Duijn Alain Fouraux Jens Hommert Jenny Jones Julia Lewis Christiane Sauer Markus Schaefer Oliver von Spreckelsen