Odel_Colombo_Sri Lanka
Program_7000 m2 Department Store
Commenced_2006 completed 2006

Jenny Jones_Associate Director-in-charge

Odel is the only department store in Colonbo Sri Lanka.
It operates out of a colonial property.
The new building would increase the stores gross sales floor three times.
How to balance between the old building and the new building? How to position Odel as it scales up?
Research led us to the layouts of Bawa, the air flow, cooling pools and daylight mediation devices of both tropical modern and traditional designs.
The massing and materialisation of the new 3 storey building sits between old and new, prefabricated and craft, and solid material and planting.

Team_Peter Moore Christian Papa Jenny Jones (Associate Director-in-charge)
Franco Badiango Lee Holden Jon Sloan Hyunhee Kang