Client_United Arrows
Architect_Universal Design Studio/ Tanseisha
Program_200 m2 Flagship Store
Commenced_2008 completed 2008

Jenny Jones_Associate-in-charge

This is the first flagship store for United Arrow's new brand, Franqueensense in Aoyama, Tokyo.

The concept articulates the brand attitude of 'approachable luxury'; as two distinct environments holding two complimentary collections: 'Precious' and 'Easy'. These two atmospheres intertwine to create one store.

The 'Precious' environment is defined by a floating screen of circular lenses: a mediated interpretation of the chandelier. The screen sparkles, refracts lights and plays with views of the merchandise, the customers and Aoyama street scenes. The material palette is overtly one of 'quality': brass, soft carpets in dusky pink hues, copper and carrerra marble.

The screen has become a strong and recognisable identity holder for the Franqueensense brand.

The 'Easy' environment surrounds the screen. There is a deliberate reduced material palette to play off those of the Precious area.

Team_David Card Jonathan Clarke Dan Higgot Andrew Friend Jenny Jones (Associate-in-charge) Richard McConkey Juri Nishi Mia Nygren Celia Richardson Nick Rolls Sonia Tomic Claire Wilmott

Lighting concept_ Gary Campbell of DPA

Project management_ Nanno Junji of Hip