Walled Garden House_Borders_Scotland
Architect_Jenny Jones
Program_200 m2 New House
Commenced_2003 on site proposed completion 2009

Jenny Jones_Director

This project was commissioned through the Architect in the House scheme.

The house exemplifies a super modern sustainable solution. It is split into two programmatic blocks; sleeping and living. The blocks stack on top of one another and overlap in a geometry and location reminiscent of the original formal quadrangle layout of the Edwardian garden. Earth dug out for the foundations was used to form an embankment that reaches the floor level of the upper level. It is possible to walk over the surfaces of the green roofs of the lower block onto the embankment and flow into the garden and under the soffit of the upper block and back into the house: blurring the boundaries between the landscape and the home. The top height of the upper block was set to be the top height of the historic wall effectively hiding the house from outside of the walled garden (this aspect was focused on during the planning process which attributed to a successful and simple permission being gained)

The forms and materials were deliberately simple in order that the clients were able to procure cost-effective local labour. The lower block is lightweight super thermal blockwork cavity construction and the upper level is layered timber construction with recycled paper insulation. The timber cladding to the upper block uses locally sourced Larch. The specialisms were restricted to glazing supplier (commercial cladding strip system) and green roof build-ups (sedum type).

Jenny Jones_architect

Elders_ engineers